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Top 19 Fitness Websites and How to Make Yours

Health and wellness have become more important than ever, especially in the wake of the pandemic.  But because of worldwide stay-at-home orders, many fitness enthusiasts haven’t been engaging in their favorite outdoor activities.  Yet, wellness still remains top of mind for most people.  Three in four gym goers admit they are anxious about their health […]

5 Critical SEO Considerations When Optimizing News Websites

News websites have the advantages of a constant stream of fresh content and special Google features such as Top Stories. But there are other ways SEO for news sites is unique, too. Simply putting news content out into the world doesn’t guarantee it will rank in Google or attract traffic to your site. In this […]

Over 98% of websites have accessibility issues, plus experience update is coming to desktop; Thursday’s daily brief

Search Engine Land’s daily brief features daily insights, news, tips, and essential bits of wisdom for today’s search marketer. If you would like to read this before the rest of the internet does, sign up here to get it delivered to your inbox daily. Good morning, Marketers, and it’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). “The […]

7 Local SEO Best Practices for WordPress Websites

WordPress is one of the most flexible open source Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world. Its rich functionality, low barrier to entry, and unbeatable price tag (it doesn’t get better than free, does it?) have all led to its meteoric rise as the web’s most popular CMS. So it’s no surprise that WordPress has […]

The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2021

Now that we’re a few weeks into 2021, let’s all breathe a deep sigh of relief together for overcoming what has to be one of the hardest years we’ve experienced in modern times.  And you made it through! That’s a victory worth celebrating, especially with the people who helped you navigate the chaos with websites […]

Top Amazon FBA Websites and Blogs on the Internet

Amazon is simply the largest retailer and shopping site in the world. What started out as just books, quickly turned into music, movies and DVDs… to now being a one-stop shop for everything. In addition to becoming the world’s leading supplier for pretty much anything, it’s also created quite the business opportunity for anyone willing […]

Top Amazon Arbitrage Websites and Blogs on the Internet

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer and online shopping site for anything you could possibly think of. However, did you know that Amazon isn’t the sole business behind all of the products being listed, shipped and sold on the site? It’s true, and more than a third of all product listings and sales generated on the […]

Top Amazon Seller Central Websites on the Internet

Selling on Amazon has to be one of the best business models ever. With more people visiting and shopping on Amazon than ever before, how could ever business, brand and seller not want to have their products featured on the site? Thanks to Amazon Seller Central, all of the necessary resources, tools, tracking and management […]