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5 Excel Tricks for Creating Paid Ad Campaigns

To create a paid ad campaign effectively, you need a solid strategy for organizing your data and tracking your ad performance.  Excel spreadsheets can do just that. While a spreadsheet might not seem like the most intuitive tool for managing your marketing efforts, there are many Excel tricks you can use to quickly streamline your […]

10 Simple (but Life-Changing) Tricks

I’ll just come out and say it: As a professional writer, editor and content manager, I can’t work — no, I can’t live — without Google Docs. If you too are a fan, you get it. If not, here’s the quick elevator pitch: Google Docs makes writing, sharing and collaborating easy. It’s also free, and […]

The Best iOS 13 Tips and Tricks

Apple’s latest iPhone operating system, iOS 13, offers some stunning features, despite some glitches that continue to plague the iPhone iOS and the iPadOS platforms. Many of the kinks have been ironed out, but upgrading to a new OS can be a challenge. If you are just now upgrading to iOS 13, we put together […]

New Tech Tricks Brain Into Thinking Bionic Limbs Are Lighter

As technology advances, it also typically shrinks in size. The first video cameras were enormous, bulky devices that felt like you were carrying around a shot put on your shoulder. Today, you can get superior recording quality on a smartphone that’s thinner than a deck of cards, and weighs about as much — or as […]