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Email Marketing Trends: How to up Your Game in 2021 and Beyond

The ever-changing field of email marketing has yet again brought some exciting trends for 2021 and the future. How it started: Plain text emails How is it going: More advanced emails with imagery, dynamic content blocks, and much more… To learn more about how emails are set to change in the coming years, read on… […]

Pinterest Search Trends Show All-Time Interest in Travel

Trending Travel Searches on Pinterest Rural Tourists Outdoor Enthusiasts Digital Nomads Takeaways Pinterest’s latest report on recent search trends show that people are more interested in travel now than they were before the pandemic. According to Pinterest’s data, people are searching for travel-related topics more now than at any point in the site’s history. I […]

AT&T Plans Explained | Digital Trends

T-Mobile may have gotten all the attention as the first carrier to launch a nationwide 5G network, but AT&T has since followed suit. Now, AT&T is rapidly expanding its 5G network, and offers 5G access in the majority of its plans. Speaking of plans, AT&T offers a few of them. Between its unlimited data plans, […]

Three critical PPC trends to watch for in 2021

30-second summary: The PPC world is ever-changing. Today’s trends may not be in the picture tomorrow People will start focusing more on the buyer’s journey and use it to its full potential Automation and AI will be a key trend in 2021 Many things have turned topsy-turvy after witnessing a year full of unprecedented situations […]

A comprehensive guide on using Google Trends for keyword research

30-second summary: Keywords are still important for SEO, but what’s increasingly important is their relevance, uniqueness, and popularity over time. Google Trends is a powerful tool that lets you gauge this and more. With Google Trends, you can get a view of what keywords to include, what to avoid, and what to plan for. You […]

iMac vs. iMac Pro | Digital Trends

The iMac and iMac Pro are impressive computers that pack everything you need for video editing, web browsing, and more into a clean package. The iMac Pro is clearly the more powerful of the two, but with Apple recently refreshing the higher-end iMacs with newer processors and graphics cards, both machines are once again in […]

4 SEO Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

The goal of every blogger and Internet marketer is to generate a steady stream of converting traffic. Even in 2021, Google is still the most dependable traffic source. According to Impact Plus, Google accounts for roughly 75% of all desktop search engine traffic. Since search traffic converts considerably better than social and referral traffic, marketers […]

13 Graphic Design Trends to Use in 2021 — and Two to Avoid

2020 was — in a word — unprecedented.  The only thing nearly as unprecedented as the events of the year itself? The number of times 2020 was described as “unprecedented.” With the conclusion of a year unlike any other, it’s natural to seek out new looks and approaches.  Desires for new and different –– but […]

New Report Underlines the Growth of TikTok, eCommerce, and Other Key Mobile Trends

People are now spending more time in TikTok than they are in Facebook, while the average American is also now spending more time on their mobile device than they are watching TV. That’s according to the latest State of Mobile report from mobile app intelligence agency App Annie, which provides an overview of the key […]

2021 Trends That Are Going to Shake the Logistics Sector – ShoeMoney

2020 saw the world change drastically.  Technological innovation, unstable economies, the outbreak of Covid-19 and the shift to a socially-distanced society had a huge impact on supply chains. The logistics sector had to adapt, and quickly.  As we move into 2021, things are likely to continue developing and changing rapidly. Keep reading to find out […]

Hottest eCommerce Trends for 2021 – ShoeMoney

Did you know that 14.1% of worldwide retail purchases are made online? Well, it’s true. eCommerce is becoming more popular around the globe with each passing day, which makes sense when you consider how convenient and inexpensive online shopping is. If you’re making a name in the eCommerce industry, it’s critical that you keep up […]

Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021, According to 21 Experts

Marketers are community-minded people. We collaborate across multiple departments in our own companies, while keeping track of competitive players and ensuring we’re deeply connected to the needs and goals of our customers. So, to better understand what to expect or pay close attention to in 2021, I’ve connected with 20 marketing experts for their perspective. While […]

Trends that defined the past decade for Indian startups

In the history of the Indian startup ecosystem, the period between 2010 and 2020 will be remembered as the decade of democratisation. Before this period, starting up was considered a taboo, a path filled with risk and uncertainty. But now startups are synonymous with innovation, creativity and mass problem-solving capabilities. They are seen as a […]

SEO Trends 2021: What every marketer should know

30-second summary: SEO is a major supportive strategy to digital marketing for businesses. Impact of AI and machine learning (ML) is undeniable for the future of SEO. User Experience is taking prominence for a majority of search engines out there. Local SEO is important for businesses to get hits from local audiences. The Expertise, Authority, […]

4 Trends that Shaped the 2020 Holiday Shopping Season

The 2020 holiday shopping season is here in a very different way and brands need to adjust their standard way of advertising. It’s no longer about the lowest rate for impressions (i.e. guaranteed CPMs or GRPs through preferred advertising deals). Platforms are evolving to focus on ROAS and conversion-based buying models, which is why brands […]

50 Marketing Stats and Trends To Inform Your 2021 Digital Strategy

@darraghDarragh Grove-White Marketing algorithms and digital strategies professional. In 2020, COVID-19 forced consumers and businesses to adapt to a sped up digital transformation. The businesses able to quickly adapt to changing trends in consumer behaviour will gain the lead in 2021.  As you’ll see, the following 50+ digital marketing statistics and trends will inform and […]