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What You Need to Know About Open Graph Meta Tags for Total Facebook and Twitter Mastery

Marketers create a lot of content. Yes, content is king, but that king is powerless without followers. So, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you want to reach a broader audience with your awesome new blog post? Sharing on social media, of course. The massive audiences of sites like Facebook and Twitter […]

Google on Partial and Total Site Deindexing

Google’s Mueller answered a quest from someone whose site was deindexed and lost their rankings. John Mueller offered a list of technical issues that can cause Google to remove a website from the search results. What’s good about this question and answer is that Mueller discusses two kinds of deindexing, a slow deindexing and a […]

BigQuery Hack to Track Total Rankings in Data Studio

Tracking keywords make a lot of sense for SMBs and some mid-market businesses, but as we scale our content marketing we need to look beyond tracking a small set of keywords. Clients want to see a birds-eye view of how their keyword set is performing. However, SEO professionals hadn’t really figured one simple way to […]