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4 Tell-tale Signs indicating it’s time to replace your boiler

The existence of the boiler in our lives is vital. We take its operation for granted until the fault that will cause its abnormal function appears. For example, the pleasure you get from a hot bath after work is undeniable. So what happens when you come home tired, and a faulty water heater is a […]

6 Freelance Writing Templates Every Writer Needs (So You Can Spend More Time Writing!)

Ever wonder how other freelance writers seem to get a ton of marketing done in a few hours when it comes to building their author platform? Or how they whip up proposals and contracts quickly, then onboard new clients so easily?  Here’s their super stealthy secret: they’re using customized templates to automate time-consuming business procedures.  […]

How To Set Up Time Of Day Bid Adjustments

When hoping to optimize a Google Ads account we all face the same question, “what next?”. There are unlimited different tests and ways you can go about optimizing your account to drive better performance of your desired KPIs. One of the changes I immediately test is adjusting ad schedules within Google Ads. First, obviously, you […]

Send Time Optimization is Old News

Let’s stop perpetuating the idea that email is stale. It’s not. So why do we keep pushing email marketers to use the same, outdated strategies they’ve been using for years? The savviest (and most successful) email marketers are constantly innovating and finding new ways to provide value to not just their subscribers, but to their […]