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10 Small Business Examples of the Best Instagram Bios

Instagram is extremely popular. The image-heavy platform is the fifth most-used social media network in the world, with over 1.2 billion users. If you don’t have a presence on Instagram, you’re missing out on building an audience and increasing your sales. To get the most out of Instagram, you should create a solid Instagram bio […]

6 Ways to Expand Your Small Business

The business world is fascinating, and several people dream of barging into this business arena with their ventures. Entrepreneurs understand that the business world is highly competitive, getting more challenging by the day. Still, they are ready to do whatever it takes, put in the earnest effort, and make a name for themselves. Many people […]

YouTube Holds First-Ever “Small Biz Day” On June 24

YouTube is holding its first-ever “Small Biz Day” on June 24, an all-day event dedicated to helping small businesses use video to reach their audience. The event is being held as part of Google’s International Small Business Week as an initiative to assist business owners with growing their YouTube presence. According to survey data, 72% […]

Back-to-School Small Home Business Ideas

INSIDE: As kids go back to school, you can earn extra money with these small-business ideas for stay at home moms. What!? School’s coming? It’s true. Any day now, kids will be heading back to class. And many parents who have been at home with their children will begin looking for work. Luckily, the change […]

30 Small Business Ideas You Can Do From Home {Free Business Plan}

Do you dream of starting a business from home, but you have no clue what type of business to start? Oh, believe me, I’ve been there! If you’re interested in being the boss and calling the shots, here are 30 small business ideas you can easily run from home! 1. App Creator If you have […]

5 Effective Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

With more than 400 million active websites (and counting), delivering the bare minimum information on a plain webpage isn’t sufficient anymore. You need a thoughtful content marketing strategy to stand a chance in today’s competitive scenario. Such strategies become more critical for SMBs and startups because they’re competing against global leaders in the digital world. In fact, as […]

The 10 Best Video Conferencing Tools for Small Businesses

Over the past year, marketers got a crash course in remote work. As 2021 approached, many of us had already invested in at-home desks, workout equipment, and other tools meant to make work-from-home a little easier. At the top of that list? Video conferencing software. Video conferencing tools saw a 500% increase in demand in […]

How Bitcoin and WordPress Can Help Small Businesses to Survive

Local businesses setting up eCommerce shops is a good idea. People like and want to shop locally, but they like the convenience of online shopping. Small businesses, “mom-and-pop” stores are in danger. As a recent Financial Times article argued, small businesses have been served a one-two punch. Banks have been hesitant to fund small businesses, […]

Eight platforms helping small businesses in digital transformation

30-second summary: Faced with global pandemic-triggered lockdowns, millions of businesses had to move their operations online Creating this “digital transformation” marketing strategy consists of multiple steps and tasks most small business owners have no time or budget to manage Luckily, multiple new and existing platforms have been coming up with plans and features targeting busy […]

Small Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On January 27th

There may have been a smaller and unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update that touched down around January 26th but mostly felt on January 27th. I was going to report on it yesterday but more important information came out, so I held this until today. Again, this seems like a smaller update but if you […]

How to Invest Small Amounts Of Money And Get A Good Return

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links and we may receive a commission through them, but this is at no additional cost to you. For more information, please read our privacy policy. Want to start investing? It’s easier — and more affordable — than you think. If you know how to invest small amounts of money, […]