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10 Simple (but Life-Changing) Tricks

I’ll just come out and say it: As a professional writer, editor and content manager, I can’t work — no, I can’t live — without Google Docs. If you too are a fan, you get it. If not, here’s the quick elevator pitch: Google Docs makes writing, sharing and collaborating easy. It’s also free, and […]

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 5 Simple Steps [Tutorial]

With 2.6 billion people actively using Facebook every day, Facebook has become a go-to component of almost any inbound marketing strategy. But as more and more Facebook features change, so does the process of setting up a Page. Don’t waste another day aimlessly poking around on Facebook trying to figure out how to get your […]

Email Segmentation: 7 Simple Steps to Get Started

By Kelly Forst February 10, 2021 Everything you need to know about segmenting your email lists to increase opens, clicks and increase subscriber engagement. Email segmentation makes it easy to sort and filter subscribers into relevant groups and send them content they care about. In fact, it’s key if you’re aiming to improve your open […]

How to Write Your First Blog Post in 9 Simple Steps

If you’re a brand new blogger, you might be struggling with how to write your first blog post on WordPress.  For example, what are you supposed to write about, and what are the best practices? Truly, the best thing to do is just to get started and learn as you go.  But if you’re really […]

A Simple Content Strategy Plan for Solopreneurs and Startup Founders

Developing the right content strategy for your personal or professional brand doesn’t have to be daunting. Sure, it can be challenging, but it can also be simplified.  Solopreneurs and startup founders hesitate to dig into content creation for a few reasons: 1.         There aren’t enough hours in the day. 2.         They aren’t sure where to start or […]

Simple Ways to Earn Free Gift Cards

Sharing is caring! With major holidays on the horizon and birthdays and other gift-giving celebrations happening year-round, it’s always a good idea to be working toward free gift cards. There are all kinds of ways to earn free gift cards, especially online and through apps. Below are a few of my favorites: 1. Swagbucks I’ve […]