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Google expands GMB profile editing capabilities in Search and Maps

Ahead of its International Small Business Week, Google has expanded editing capabilities for Google My Business (GMB) profiles in Search and Maps, the company announced Thursday. It is also offering a free trial of Pointy, a platform that enables local businesses to get their inventory discoverable online, to eligible business owners. More editing capabilities from […]

Google Launches Search Console Insights

Google is introducing a new experience called Search Console Insights which is designed to help site owners better understand their audience. This experience joins data from both Search Console and Google Analytics in a joint effort to make it easy to understand content performance. Data in Search Console Insights will help site owners answer question […]

Your CLS score for your Google Search Console core web vitals report may have just improved

If you check your core web vitals report within Google Search Console (check here) you may see an improvement to your cumulative layout shift (CLS) metrics. Google made an update in April to lower the threshold of what it takes to get a “good” green score on that metric and now, as of June 1st, […]

Google Search Console performance report gains practice problems

Google announced a new addition to the performance report in Search Console, specific for the practice problems rich results. You can now see the impressions, clicks, click through rates and other metrics in the performance report by filtering the report in the “search appearance” filter. Note, you will only see the “practice problems” option if […]

Do Large Publishers Have an Unfair Advantage in Google Search?

Larger publishers seem to appear more often in search results, sometimes multiple times in the response to a single query. But is it an unfair advantage? See how single companies perform against large publishing conglomerates today. Do Large Publishers Have an Unfair Advantage in Google Search? A client asked recently if we could report a […]

How to Use Semantic Search for Paid Ad Campaign Copy

Semantic search isn’t only for organic traffic; it’s for paid search as well. Understanding the difference between broad and exact match search is important, but semantics is all about the search intent behind a query.  Google is focusing a lot more on search intent and keyword variants. Knowing the correlation between intent and semantics can […]

An In-Depth Search Engine Comparison

Google has grown into the dominant search engine that searchers rely on in almost every instance (at least in the United States), and let’s be honest — it’s for good reason. The quality and depth of the results Google produces is what we’ve come to expect from the search experience. But competitors are always going […]

Google Ditches AMP Badge In Search; Will It Matter? [Survey]

The upcoming Google Page Experience Update has been one of the most popular topics in the SEO community in the past year, due to its emphasis on optimizing Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics. But there are some other aspects of the update that haven’t received as much visibility, such as what Google plans to do […]

5 Top Crawl Stats Insights in Google Search Console

There is one report in Google Search Console that’s both insanely useful and quite hard to find, especially if you’re just starting your SEO journey. It’s one of the most powerful tools for every SEO professional, even though you can’t even access it from within Google Search Console’s main interface. I’m talking about the Crawl […]

Google On Optimizing Web Stories For Search Results

Google’s latest Lighting Talks video focuses on doing SEO for web stories and tracking how they perform in search. Pascal Birchler, Developer Relations Engineer at Google, leads the discussion by breaking down everything from what web stories are, to how to create web stories, to how to insert ads in web stories. This article will […]

How to Use Google Search Console for SEO: A Complete Guide

Overview Report URL Inspection Tool Performance Index Reports Enhancements Security & Manual Actions Legacy Tools & Reports Links Settings What’s Next for Google Search Console? What reports do you look at in Google Search Console? Is it the links to your site? Do you check crawl errors to see if you need to implement any […]

How the Search Giants Stack Up

Google vs. Microsoft Bing Market Share Comparing Google vs. Microsoft Bing’s Functionality How Google & Microsoft Bing Differ in Size of Index and Crawling Differences in User Interface & Tools Microsoft Bing May Excel in Image Search Over Google How Microsoft Bing & Google Handle Video Search Map Listings on Both Search Engines Matter for […]

What five news-SEO experts make of Google’s new, “Full Coverage” feature in mobile search results

30-second summary: Google recently rolled out the “Full Coverage” feature for mobile SERPs Will this impact SEO traffic for news sites, SEO best practices, and content strategies? Here’s what in-house SEOs from The LA Times, New York Times, Conde Nast, and prominent agency-side SEOs foresee Google’s “Full Coverage” update rolled out earlier this month – […]

Pinterest Search Trends Show All-Time Interest in Travel

Trending Travel Searches on Pinterest Rural Tourists Outdoor Enthusiasts Digital Nomads Takeaways Pinterest’s latest report on recent search trends show that people are more interested in travel now than they were before the pandemic. According to Pinterest’s data, people are searching for travel-related topics more now than at any point in the site’s history. I […]

An Introduction to Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing

992532_An Introduction to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Paid Marketing_031721 Your brand has the power to reach millions of people around the world, and it only takes a few minutes to do. The power of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is incredible, with a huge reach and the ability to target specific audiences. How can you make the most of […]

The Panda anniversary and what we desperately must remember about search

30-second summary: This week marks the 10 year anniversary of Google’s landmark web quality algorithm Panda It was a seminal moment for the SEO industry with 12% of US sites being targeted for poor quality and manipulative optimization practices Despite removing much of the worst black-hat tactics SEO is still hasn’t lived up to its […]