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How to Use Google’s Disavow Tool For Better Rankings

Recently, I had a friend ask me for help because her website rankings were tanking. Always willing to lend a helping hand, I asked her what she had been doing to build links and improve SEO. Everything she was doing checked out OK. So, I fired up Ahrefs and took a look at her backlink […]

BigQuery Hack to Track Total Rankings in Data Studio

Tracking keywords make a lot of sense for SMBs and some mid-market businesses, but as we scale our content marketing we need to look beyond tracking a small set of keywords. Clients want to see a birds-eye view of how their keyword set is performing. However, SEO professionals hadn’t really figured one simple way to […]

Your Rankings Have Dropped – 10 Things to Do Now

It’s an SEO horror story – your rankings have dropped. Maybe it’s just a few high ranking pages, or maybe it’s a massive plunge across the board. But either way, your rankings have dropped, and your traffic is down. What do you do now? Fluctuations are inevitable (after all, as Google reminds us, they make […]

Four website usability elements that improve your search rankings

30-second summary: Website usability refers to how easy or intuitive a website is for visitors to interact with, and usability lies at the heart of delivering a compelling user experience (UX). Incorporating relevant keywords and building backlinks to your website is still crucial, but Google’s algorithm is continually evolving to reward websites that render top-notch […]