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A Podcast about Failure – Smart Passive Income

Have you ever failed at something? For a while in late 2020, we were failing pretty hard at developing a new podcast. Last fall, the SPI Media Content team (yours truly and senior content manager Karen Beattie) and Podcasts team (senior producer Sara Jane Hess and producer David Grabowski) put our heads together to brainstorm […]

Get more subscribers with these seven podcast SEO tips

30-second summary: Did you know that, as of 2020, upwards of 68 million people listen to a weekly podcast?  Your podcast can easily reach more subscribers if you take some time to do some off-page SEO tactics and a few other best practices along the way Check out these seven podcast SEO tips to help […]

Is A Career As A Podcast Assistant In Your Future?

Sharing is caring! Lights, camera, action! Having a podcast is very much like having your own stage productions, requiring a whole lot of creative content, technical devices and planning. While the average podcast is only around 22 minutes long, hours of behind-the-scenes work go into each episode. The host may be the star of their […]