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New Features: Vertical Menu, 2-Step Landing Pages, & More

By Kelsey Johnson June 3, 2021 We’re always adding new features, updates and templates to help you work smarter. Check out what’s new in your AWeber account this week. We get it. You’re working on a million things at once — in addition to marketing your business.  That’s a lot of work. So, we think […]

Get More Sign Ups with 2-Step Landing Pages

By Kelly Forst May 28, 2021 A jam packed landing page can scare off visitors. Control how you display your sign up forms with a 2-step landing page. To sign up, or not to sign up? That is the question that everyone who visits your landing page will ask themselves. And a few things will […]

What Are Landing Pages? Data-Backed Tips & Examples

Have you ever clicked on an advertisement from Google or social media and landed on a page that felt like it was speaking directly to you? Chances are, the page you saw was a landing page. Example of a simple landing page featuring an email lead capture form. Landing pages are standalone web pages that […]

How to Sell Online with Ecommerce Landing Pages

By Kelly Forst January 27, 2021 Avoid the hassle of selling on third-party marketplaces. Go from idea to “open for business” in five minutes flat with ecommerce landing pages. Is the thought of building a complex website to sell your products and services online intimidating? For many entrepreneurs, lack of time, limited budget, and minimal […]

11 Stats That Make a Case for Landing Pages

A landing page is a standalone website page dedicated to a specific marketing campaign that is meant to convert site visitors into leads. Landing pages typically offer visitors something that they may be interested in, like an Ebook or a free trial, in exchange for contact information. Getting this information then gives businesses the tools […]

How to Create Landing Pages for a Facebook Ad Campaign

When it comes to marketing and advertising, nothing seems to work better these days than social media. People love social channels, and the latest numbers give solid proof to the concept. There are over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook and most of them spend more hours a day on the platform than on […]