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How to Optimize For Baidu in the U.S.

While Google, Bing, and Yahoo control the West’s market share of search engine traffic, alternative search engine Baidu is the king of search in China. If you want to make your content known on Baidu, you need a strong SEO strategy to guide you. What works on Google may not work on Baidu, however, so […]

How to Optimize a SaaS Homepage: Keywords, Linking & More

Why is Homepage SEO So Challenging for SaaS Brands, Specifically? The Role of a Homepage in SaaS SEO Strategy What Keywords to Use to Optimize a SaaS Homepage, Then? When it comes to SEO, the homepage tends to be the most problematic asset on a typical SaaS website. For many early-stage SaaS brands, the website […]

How to optimize your content publication process in Scoop.it

To build a powerful content engine, you need to use content hubs as the backbone of your system. They help you sort and organize each piece of owned or third-party content and find it exactly when you need it, both for your internal and external audiences. We’ve covered exactly how you can do this in […]

How to Optimize for a Client’s Configured Facebook Events

Now that we’re in the world of iOS 14, Aggregated Event Measurement, and the 8-event limit, one of the biggest issues I’ve heard from consultants and agencies is an inability to access and optimize for a client’s configured Facebook events. It all comes down to access and how you are set up. Not every client-agency […]

Win an InsideTracker Prize Package and optimize your body

Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. As anyone who has tried to get in shape knows, there’s no regimen guaranteed to work for everybody. Each of us is unique, with different metabolisms, body compositions, and biomarkers, so it stands to reason that the effectiveness of a particular […]

How to Optimize Content for Maximum Traffic in 2021

With over four billion daily searches, Google continues to dominate the search engine market in 2021. More than that, its first SERP page is enough for 90% of users to find the desired results. Source What does it mean for content marketers and SEO specialists? If you want potential leads to come across your website, do […]

How to Optimize Affiliate Marketing Campaigns for More Conversions

Did you know that US businesses spent a total of $6.8 billion on their affiliate marketing campaigns in 2020? What’s more, it is estimated that affiliate marketing spend will increase to $8.2 billion by 2022. It’s evident that affiliate marketing is gaining momentum. After all, it is a profitable channel to gain passive income and […]