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E-commerce and the new normal

On-demand services may be the answer to controlling spread of covid-19 Once upon a time, life was normal and although everything wasn’t perfect.we was just okay. Then from nowhere, a pandemic started in the outside world and it seemed far far from us. Before we knew it, it was here with us. Everyone became cautious […]

How HubSpot’s Customers Are Shaping the Next Normal

This week marked an important milestone for HubSpot. The company Dharmesh and I founded over 14 years ago welcomed its 100,000th customer and passed $1 billion in annual recurring revenue. We’ve come a long way since we began banging the drum about inbound marketing, and yet, it feels like HubSpot is just getting started. In […]

FFXIV E12 Normal Guide: FFXIV Eden’s Promise Eternity Strategy

After fighting an amalgamation of friends mushed into one hot warrior, now’s the time to face a fusion of Final Fantasy XIV enemies past and present. The result isn’t quite the same. In fact, it’s downright horrifying. Eden’s Promise, a self-titled Utopian Vision, is trying to start a fight while being downright diabolically displeasing and, […]