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How to Start a Newsletter in Under an Hour

By Kelsey Johnson June 25, 2021 Keep it simple — in three steps and 60 minutes anyone can send their first newsletter. “Start a newsletter!” It’s an age-old recommendation. One that’s made its home at the bottom of your to-do list. Why? Because no matter how many times you hear how useful newsletters are, writing […]

19 Winning Employee Newsletter Ideas & Examples

The article was last updated in May 2021 to provide you with more inspiration and examples. Although they’re “just” for your own staff and colleagues, employee newsletters shouldn’t be taken for granted. Once you learn how to do internal email newsletters best, they can be effective communication tools. It’s important to thoughtfully craft them as a […]

10 of the Best Email Newsletter Software Out There (2021)

Do you know which is the best email newsletter software for your company? Choosing the right email platform can be tough, as once you commit and start sending email campaigns, it’s hard to pause activity and start from scratch. You might miss a weekly newsletter or two. And then there’s the hassle of migrating your […]

How to Choose Newsletter Content to Engage Your Audience

Attention comes at a premium these days. It’s the one thing you need to magnetize people to your brand, but it also happens to be the one thing that customers don’t part with very easily. We’re living in a world of noise, hype, and saturated content platforms where people are bombarded with thousands of messages […]

How To Write A Newsletter People Can’t Wait to Read

By Kelly Forst April 27, 2021 What’s the best way to engage subscribers week after week with an email newsletter? Find out now. Top marketers have similar strategies when it comes to creating addictive newsletters. And while flawless writing and beautiful email design are important, they’re not the most important things to writing newsletters that […]

2 Steps to Get Repeat Sales with an Etsy Newsletter

By Jessica Snavely April 16, 2021 Building an email list and staying in touch with past customers can be the key to unlocking more repeat sales. Over the past year, the number of sellers on Etsy grew 61%.  Whether you are a part of that 61% — or have been an Etsy seller for years […]

12 Inspiring Email Newsletter Examples to Learn From

By Kelly Forst April 7, 2021 These are not your average emails. Get ready to be inspired. The best email newsletters provide value and captivate subscribers week after week. That’s how smart email marketers get their audience to open, click, and share their newsletter again and again. But how do you consistently produce and deliver […]

6 Reasons Every Writer Should Have Their Own Newsletter

A million years ago (in 2019), Claire Landsbaum wrote a piece for Vanity Fair titled “We’re at Peak Newsletter, And I Feel Fine.”  In it she explores how “everyone seems to have a Tiny Letter or Substack.” Little did she know that a global pandemic would usher in yet another wave of newsletters as writers […]