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Adult Ad Network Analysis (2021)

We know that searching for the best ad network can be a hard task for two reasons: first, because there are lots of choices; second, because (of course) everyone claims to be the best one and sometimes you can’t trust what is said on the forums. Indeed, we never know who’s responsible for an opinion […]

Self-Serve Ad Network (2021 Updated)

Intro Have you ever wondered how dating affiliate pros are able to consistently hit their conversion targets day-in, day-out? Or maybe you’ve been questioning how to find quality adult, VOD, and gaming traffic that’s a perfect match for your offers. Well, if you have, then you’re in luck! We recently signed up to TwinRed – […]

What is a Retail Media Network?

The marketing and advertising industry is a fast-paced industry. With technology evolving rapidly, people have found it more convenient to do their shopping and other transactions online. With digital interactions overtaking in-person activities, this shift in people’s lifestyles means one thing for businesses — they need to pivot fast. Failure to do so can only […]

B2B Video ROI Climbs, Google Updates Audience Manager, Rising Social Network Usage Forecast, & Qualtrics Files For IPO

Social networks will experience a pandemic-driven boost in 2020—but not equallyGreater than predicted numbers of users have flocked to social media this pandemic year, according to recently-released survey data of interest to digital marketers, with 150 million more global users for 2020 than previously estimated. eMarketer Snapchat Shares New insights into Consumer Behavior and TrendsMobile […]