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Is Affiliate Marketing Dead in 2021? My Honest Thoughts

“Is affiliate marketing dead?”“Is affiliate marketing still worth it? I’ve always hated these questions, and I’ve been hearing them since 2007. I hate these questions because they feel like excuses. It’s kinda like seeing someone half-assing it at the gym. Then seeing them blame their gym equipment for their lack of results. But now it’s […]

Upsizing Your Social Media Marketing: How Brands Generate More Leads

The marketing world keeps emitted with the time and introduction of technologies. Marketing is so much more nuanced than just “product promotion” and “brand engagement”. Indeed, when we talk about marketing, multiple layers exist, but when it comes to lead generation, marketers can’t overlook social media platforms. Whether you follow traditional marketing techniques or opt […]

Second annual Search Engine Land Award for Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Search Marketing: Nominations open

Search marketing has a diversity problem. Older data from the American Marketing Association shows that most marketing leadership is still majority white, hetero, and male. Meanwhile, the audiences we’re marketing to are more diverse and inclusive than ever. It’s a topic we’ve covered multiple times at Search Engine Land: But it’s not one and done. […]

Revolutionize Your Email Marketing Campaigns With Big Data

Email marketing is becoming more and more customer-centric with every passing day. And big data is empowering marketers to make giant strides in that direction. Over the last few years, big data analytics has allowed businesses to infuse new vision and order into their operations. Not only has it enabled them to boost their web […]

How to Avoid Common Online and Affiliate Marketing Scams in 2021

As common as the scams we listed down here is the misconception that affiliate marketing is a scam too. With all the affiliate marketing courses out there telling you that there is plenty of money to be made through affiliate marketing matched with the number of people and reviews saying they earned nil through the […]

How to Integrate Email Marketing With Your Social Media Strategy

Social media and email marketing go hand in hand. The two strategies can and should be used together to help ensure future sales. People may find your company’s products on social media. Still, some may not be motivated to make the purchase without hearing from you via email, either directly or indirectly, through offers that […]

6 Actionable Tips for Engaging Marketing Presentations

Gone are the days when marketers used to go door-to-door to distribute flyers and pamphlets for promoting their products. Today, with the advent of digital marketing, the ways of doing marketing have modernized. Now, face-to-face interaction has been reduced to occasional marketing conferences or networking events. Marketers are no longer required to knock on the […]

How to Run a Virtual Job Fair to Attract Top Marketing Talent

Virtual job fairs have been growing in popularity in recent years. Chances are, that’s only going to continue. Virtual job fairs can be the perfect way to initiate that first interaction between candidate and employer. How do you make sure yours is successful? Here is what you need to know. What Is a Virtual Job […]

How to Use TikTok for B2B Marketing & Who’s Doing It Right

TikTok has earned a reputation as a powerful B2C marketing tool, due to its visual nature and potential for collaboration with content creators. But for most B2B companies, TikTok is likely at the bottom of their priorities for social media marketing. However, more and more B2B companies are recognizing that TikTok can offer more than […]

12 Remote Marketing Jobs That Can Be Done From Home

When I started my work-from-home job search back in 2007, I asked friends, past co-workers, and employers if they knew of or had any work-from-home opportunities available for me. My persistence paid off when my friend said she needed a freelancer to do marketing research for her company. I started doing online marketing research. I then […]

5 visual marketing trends all marketers should know in 2021

Visual-centric content and media dominates the digital marketing space today. Online marketing is built around videos, motion graphics, and many other forms of visual and interactive content. The use of visual content has created other industries to support developing the content. The use of visual content in marketing is referred to as visual marketing. The […]

10 Free Email Marketing Tools for Success and Time-Savings

By Kelsey Johnson August 13, 2021 Anyone who sends emails can benefit from these free tools that will level-up your marketing. There’s a lot that goes into creating a good email marketing campaign. You need an engaged audience, a message that resonates with them, and a beautiful design to back it up.  Plus, it’s important […]

23 Marketing Techniques That Cost You Time, Not Money

Here is a common situation many startups face. They have no money, but they have to do marketing. What can they do? Instead of focusing on costly marketing methods, such startups must focus on low-budget marketing hacks. The beauty of growth hacking is that it engages alternate methods of growth, methods which are sometimes lower […]

Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing

By Kelly Forst August 6, 2021 Explore some key benefits of email marketing and consider how these could elevate your next marketing campaign. Looking to accomplish more with your marketing budget? It may be time to throw an email marketing campaign into the mix. Email marketing has tons of benefits and offers an impressive return […]

14 Types of Emails to Use in Your Marketing

By Kelly Forst August 3, 2021 Not sure what types of emails to send your audience? Here are 14 common types of email marketing to inspire your own messages. You’ve heard the advice — send personalized, targeted emails, welcome subscribers to your list, recognize customer milestones and celebrations, and so on. But did you know […]

4 Ways That Content Curation Can be Vital to Small Business Marketing

Content curation is one of the most effective ways for businesses to keep their audience constantly engaged on social media without having to invest all their time in thinking and executing content ideas. By sharing, commenting, or referencing existing content from relevant and popular sources, small businesses have an opportunity of building trust with their […]