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WordPress Dominates Market Share Of Top 10,000 Websites

When you mention brands that dominate the market, the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon are likely to spring to mind. Likewise, when it comes to CSM market share, it won’t surprise you to know that WordPress is dominating. What may surprise you is how much by. How Market Share Was Measured The research carried […]

How to Use Paid Ads to Market to Pet Owners Effectively

American pet owners are some of the biggest spenders online, pet food and pet supplies being second only to vitamins for e-commerce.  Online spending for this $70 billion industry is growing year over year. In fact, direct-to-consumer (DTC) pet brands have exploded in popularity: Over five years, the online pet product sellers saw a compound […]

SEO Tactics to Capitalize on Market Position & Sales Gains or Losses

SEO Tactics for Sustaining & Building on Growing Sales SEO Tactics for Recovery from Falling Sales Time to Act The current worldwide pandemic is an unprecedented challenge in modern times, and the hardship it causes is still difficult to quantify. For many commercial website operators, the worries are existential. The ongoing limitations on most people’s […]

A Better Understanding of the Cryptocurrency Market

With the ongoing craze in cryptocurrency trading, you might have been thinking about investing in it. However, the lack of knowledge about how this type of trade works and all the unfamiliar jargon just makes it a daunting industry to risk your money. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Everyone goes through that newbie phase […]