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A BIG List of Work-at-Home Jobs by State

Each week I post new, work-at-home job leads on the website and in the newsletter. While many people can find remote jobs from these sources, there is ONE complaint that I receive repeatedly. And that is: “Why isn’t this work-at-home job available in my state? Can you give me some suggestions of places hiring near […]

How to Grow Your Email List with Instagram

By Kelly Forst July 6, 2021 Discover the value of Instagram for your business, not just as a social media marketing tool, but a platform for growing your email list. As a small business owner, you already understand the importance of optimizing your marketing budget. And while there’s no denying that Instagram and other social […]

Big List of Virtual Assistant Services to Offer Clients

Whether you’ve been forced into entrepreneurship or are considering it by choice, there has never been a better time to start an online virtual assistant business. Not sure what services to offer or what niches virtual assistants can work in? Then check out this list of in-demand services and niches to consider.  1. Blog Service […]

12 Email List Management Best Practices for 2021

In digital marketing, there is a tendency to measure results based on the size of our audience. We’re preoccupied with how many followers, fans, or subscribers we collect and neglect the importance of keeping them engaged. In other words, our activities are typically measured based on growth, but not the less favorable issue of list […]

3 Ways to Overcome Slow Email List Growth

By Apostle Mengoulis April 29, 2021 Growing an email list doesn’t have to be complicated. But there may be period of decline. Learn how you can overcome this slow email list growth. Hitting plateaus is painful, but it happens to everyone. I’ve been producing music for the last 11 years. There are still times I […]

Why You Should Clean Your Email List (and How to Do It)

By Kelly Forst March 9, 2021 Want to run a successful marketing campaign? Then it’s time to clean house. You built up your list of subscribers. Now it’s time to remove a bunch of them. Because a clean email list can work wonders.  In fact, cleaning your email list can improve three key metrics: deliverability, […]

Lead Magnets to Grow Your Email List: 22 Brilliant Ideas

By Kelly Forst December 30, 2020 Need ideas for your lead magnet? Read this post to get 22 of them. If you want to maximize your email list growth, you need a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something you give people when they subscribe to your email list. And really, it can be anything […]

List of Things to Do in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the most visited and sought after travel destinations in the United States. Nashville is the capital of the U.S. state, Tennessee, and currently has a population of more than 700,000 people. In addition to being a heavily populated area and a big tourist attractions, the city is also known for […]