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Google Posts for verified knowledge panels are going away

On July 20, 2021, Google will discontinue the ability for those with verified knowledge panels to use Google Posts. To be clear, this only impacts verified knowledge panels, not the local Google Posts you manage within Google My Business. The notice. Google has been emailing those who have used this feature in the past to […]

How to Claim Knowledge Panels in Google For More Organic Visibility

If something is written about your brand online, you want to know about it, right? That’s even more true if it’s an authoritative source speaking about your brand and giving information to the public about what you sell, where you’re located, your hours, your website, and more. When Google shares information about your brand in […]

Tracking Google Knowledge Graph Algorithm Updates & Volatility

Major Knowledge Graph Updates Over the Last 8 Months Reach, Scope & Scale of These Updates What We Found by Tracking the Knowledge Graph Daily What Is Happening? The Knowledge Graph Is a Living Thing The Future Conclusion Like the core algorithm, Google’s Knowledge Graph periodically updates. But little has been known about how, when, […]