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See How Losing Broad Match Modified Will Impact Your Google Ads

In today’s volatile world, few things are certain, but change in Google Ads is one thing we can reliably predict. And so Google announced last week that another change is coming to keyword match types. Broad match modified keywords will cease to exist and their functionality will be absorbed into phrase match keywords. As a […]

The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Influencer Marketing

Professional beauty vlogger broadcasting cosmetic makeup tutorial on social media Getty Digital marketers have to deploy AI. They also have to defeat it In October 2017, Facebook altered the Instagram API to make it harder for users to search its giant database of photos. The change was a small element of the company’s response to […]

Brand reputation and the impact of Google SERP selections

Brand reputation and the impact of Google SERP selections Your privacy means the world to us. We share your personal information only when you give us explicit permission to do so, and confirm we have your permission each time. Learn more by viewing our privacy policy.Ok