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Facebook Groups Can Designate Subject Matter Experts

In an update to Facebook Groups, administrators can now assign knowledgeable members the role of subject matter expert. When designated as an expert, the individuals will stand out from other members in group discussions This will allow them to be easily recognized as people who know a lot about the group topic and have a […]

202 Top SEO Experts You Should Be Following

Why This SEO Experts List Exists How This List Was Compiled Why You Aren’t On This List Honorable Mentions 202 SEO Experts to Follow Right Now Want to learn more about search engine optimization (SEO)? Then you should learn from the top SEO experts. Reading the top SEO blogs and publications is a good start. […]

What five news-SEO experts make of Google’s new, “Full Coverage” feature in mobile search results

30-second summary: Google recently rolled out the “Full Coverage” feature for mobile SERPs Will this impact SEO traffic for news sites, SEO best practices, and content strategies? Here’s what in-house SEOs from The LA Times, New York Times, Conde Nast, and prominent agency-side SEOs foresee Google’s “Full Coverage” update rolled out earlier this month – […]

25 Top Paid Media Experts You Should Follow

Anyone who manages paid media is all too familiar with how fast things change. Ad formats, what’s working, what’s not, new features, and the emerging players keep life as a paid media practitioner interesting! One of the things to cut down the learning curve is listening to experts who aren’t shy about sharing their experiences. […]

Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021, According to 21 Experts

Marketers are community-minded people. We collaborate across multiple departments in our own companies, while keeping track of competitive players and ensuring we’re deeply connected to the needs and goals of our customers. So, to better understand what to expect or pay close attention to in 2021, I’ve connected with 20 marketing experts for their perspective. While […]