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Email Design: Your Handy Guide to Create Winning Emails

Despite the emergence of a plethora of marketing channels, email still continues to enjoy maximum popularity and effectiveness among all businesses. Statista has revealed that 306.4 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2020. This number is set to rise to 361.6 billion in 2024. That’s a huge number. At the first glimpse, […]

Giveaway Emails – Prize-Winning Examples & Best Practices

Email marketing is an effective and engaging communication channel that offers numerous ways to give a boost to your business. The giveaway email is one of the options that deserve your attention. They can play along with your business goals and help you: create awareness for your brand and products, encourage people to try your […]

Emails Going to Spam? 12 Reasons Why That Happens and What You Can Do About It

Are you worried that your emails won’t reach your customers’ inbox? That your bottom line will get a hit because of how spam filters evaluate your messages? Or perhaps you’re already seeing that your emails go to spam instead of the inbox and you’re looking for help? If any of these made you nod, then […]

8 Top Brainstorming Techniques to Help You Write Killer Emails

By Kaleigh Moore March 30, 2021 Never waste time trying to think of a topic when you should be writing! I can’t think of anything to write. Sound familiar? Of course it does. It’s one of the top reasons our customers give us for letting their email marketing flatline. They just run out of ideas […]

3 Ways to Earn (Even More) Money with Your Emails

Learn how you can turn your emails into revenue streams. Growing an audience is one of the most exciting and engaging things you can do online. Through a variety of many different outlets, including email, you’re able to offer value to like-minded people across the planet. And as a bonus, you also have the opportunity […]

Bounced Emails: Hard vs Soft Bounces, How to Prevent Them?

The bounce rate is a universal problem for all email marketers. It is the percent of email addresses that fail to receive your message as it is returned from the recipient’s mail server. Here’s the average bounce rate recorded across some of the industries. An email bounce is accountable to inadequate space in the inbox, temporary […]

How to Use Rich Media in Emails to Support the Content

  When it comes to email marketing, using images is of paramount importance. Of course, you can curate the perfect content for your subscribers with the help of tools such as Scoop.it, but what if the visuals fail to leave an impact on their minds? That’s where rich media comes into the picture. Most marketers are […]

how to use segmentation to personalize emails

Email subscribers’ inboxes are packed with marketing emails competing for their attention. Every day they receive promotions, offers, and deals designed to drive them to convert and part with their hard-earned cash. And you want to do the same, so how do you make your email marketing stand out? Email segmentation is the first step […]

Valentine’s Day Emails Your Subscribers Will Love

By Kelly Forst January 28, 2021 Make your subscribers feel extra loved this Valentine’s Day. And see unique Valentine’s Day email examples to inspire your own. Valentine’s Day: it’s a time to celebrate romance, togetherness, and self-love.  And you can help make your email subscribers feel extra loved this year. You just need to know […]