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Customer uses email course to increase sales of online course

By Brandon Olson July 21, 2021 UK-based Paul Kirtley repackaged his blog content into a mini email course to warm up leads and promote his paid course. And you can do it, too. Sometimes coming up with the perfect opt-in incentive to grow your email list can be difficult. It can require a mix of […]

5 Email Marketing Tips to Stand Out from the Crowd

By Sean Tinney July 20, 2021 More and more emails continue to hit the inbox. To ensure your emails don’t blend in, here are five ways you can make them stand out. This is the year of the email. Or, at least it should be: One research firm is predicting that 225.3 billion emails will […]

The Top Email Marketing Metrics and KPIs to Measure Success

By Sean Tinney July 19, 2021 In order to ensure your email marketing campaigns are the best they can be, it’s important to assess and analyze key email metrics. If you send an email out into the wild and don’t review the metrics, did it really happen? Of course it did! But it does make […]

11 Recipes to Win at Email Marketing

Want more out of your email marketing campaigns? Then look no further – start with email segmentation. In this article, we’ll guide you through the ins and outs of this underrated email marketing practice that can turn your email program into a profitable marketing machine.  We’ll go over:  What is email segmentation  Benefits of email marketing segmentation  […]

How to Grow Your Email List with Instagram

By Kelly Forst July 6, 2021 Discover the value of Instagram for your business, not just as a social media marketing tool, but a platform for growing your email list. As a small business owner, you already understand the importance of optimizing your marketing budget. And while there’s no denying that Instagram and other social […]

The Novel Approaches to Email Hyper Personalization

  Let me share a really long email subscription form to start off… When I signed up to Formaggio Kitchen’s email list, I was asked to fill this exhaustive sign-up form. While this can be a straight-forward and effective way to collect data and send out hyper-personalized emails, it might not go well with all […]

Real Estate Email Marketing: Definitive Guide for 2021

If you are a real estate agent, it would be silly not to take advantage of one of the most powerful marketing channels out there: email marketing. Email is a foolproof way to reach out and touch your audience with information that they want, need, or care about. In this blog post, we’ll cover how […]

Email Marketing for Musicians: A Practical Guide

In a world where hundreds of musicians seem to blow up overnight and thousands more are still waiting for a big break, what everyone needs is a steadily growing base of loyal fans. They provide support and are what keeps most acts going. But how do you build and nurture more profound relationships with fans? […]

How to Get Started with Email Marketing

By Kelly Forst June 9, 2021 Everything you’ve every wondered about email marketing: answered. Whether you are launching a new business or tipping your toes into entrepreneurship for the first time, email marketing can play a huge role in your success. After all, email marketing can have a hand in so many important business tasks, […]

Streamline Your Email Template Production With Agile Email Marketing

Agile Email Marketing: This terminology was not familiar to me until last month. I used to wonder what all the hype around it was all about. Being the inquisitive person I am, I thought of learning more about it. Thank God I did… It made me realize what I was missing out on. Email operations […]

10 of the Best Email Newsletter Software Out There (2021)

Do you know which is the best email newsletter software for your company? Choosing the right email platform can be tough, as once you commit and start sending email campaigns, it’s hard to pause activity and start from scratch. You might miss a weekly newsletter or two. And then there’s the hassle of migrating your […]

Generate more income from your customers with email marketing

By Brandon Olson May 26, 2021 Learn how one business made over $30,000 in new sales in a single day using email marketing, and how you can, too. Getting new clients in the door is important. But it’s often easier and more cost-effective to look to your existing customers to increase your revenue. Why? Because […]

Email Design: Your Handy Guide to Create Winning Emails

Despite the emergence of a plethora of marketing channels, email still continues to enjoy maximum popularity and effectiveness among all businesses. Statista has revealed that 306.4 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2020. This number is set to rise to 361.6 billion in 2024. That’s a huge number. At the first glimpse, […]

Opt-in Best Practices Guaranteed to Improve Your Email Marketing

Considering developing privacy legislation, it is important for marketers to understand their responsibility when it comes to how they collect and process consumer data. This starts with a solid form of consent, or opt-in, from the subscribers on their lists. Your subscriber acquisition process should provide clear disclosure and benefits of signing up, set expectations, […]

12 Email List Management Best Practices for 2021

In digital marketing, there is a tendency to measure results based on the size of our audience. We’re preoccupied with how many followers, fans, or subscribers we collect and neglect the importance of keeping them engaged. In other words, our activities are typically measured based on growth, but not the less favorable issue of list […]

Retail Email Marketing for 2021 – For Making Money

Your guide to connecting to – and retaining – customers with inspired retail email marketing for ongoing success! Retail marketing online is growing rapidly, and email marketing is like the water that will help your retail sales blossom in 2021. Table Of Contents Retail me a tale “What’s in it for me?” You might be […]