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5 Effective Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

With more than 400 million active websites (and counting), delivering the bare minimum information on a plain webpage isn’t sufficient anymore. You need a thoughtful content marketing strategy to stand a chance in today’s competitive scenario. Such strategies become more critical for SMBs and startups because they’re competing against global leaders in the digital world. In fact, as […]

8 Rules for Effective Marketing Presentations

Gone are the days when marketers used to knock door-to-door for providing a brief about their products. The advent of digital marketing has connected the entire world virtually and has reduced the face-to-face interaction of marketers to infrequent marketing conferences and networking events. However, it has also pushed the marketing professionals to master the presentation […]

How To Calculate Effective Click-Thru Rate

When evaluating click-through rate (CTR) for keywords in Google Ads, we tend to forget that what we are looking at is not really giving us the full picture of what is actually happening. When someone searches on Google, their click can go to a paid listing, but also to an organic listing. Thus, evaluating the […]