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8-Event Limit and Domain Verification Scenarios: iOS 14 Challenges

As advertisers prepare for the iOS 14 prompt to go live, the loudest complaints are related to the 8-event limit. Either they are unable to configure their eight events or limiting optimizationHow you optimize impacts who sees your Facebook ad. Facebook will show your ad to people most likely to perform your desired action. to […]

Problem: Unable to Verify Domain to Configure Web Events

Before you’re able to configure the eight web events you’ll use for optimizing your Facebook ads, you first need to verify your domain. There’s plenty to explore here. In this post, we’ll discuss… Why you need to verify your domain How to verify your domain Why you may not be able to verify a domain […]

What Is a .STORE Domain? A Complete Guide to Branding an Online Store Perfectly

2. Better Rankings Relevant backlinks aren’t the only thing that will improve your rank in Google search over time. When you use a relevant domain extension, you may find a boost in your organic traffic. That happens for two reasons: You’ll get more relevant traffic. People searching for a “Halloween store” will come across your […]