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AT&T Plans Explained | Digital Trends

T-Mobile may have gotten all the attention as the first carrier to launch a nationwide 5G network, but AT&T has since followed suit. Now, AT&T is rapidly expanding its 5G network, and offers 5G access in the majority of its plans. Speaking of plans, AT&T offers a few of them. Between its unlimited data plans, […]

Eight platforms helping small businesses in digital transformation

30-second summary: Faced with global pandemic-triggered lockdowns, millions of businesses had to move their operations online Creating this “digital transformation” marketing strategy consists of multiple steps and tasks most small business owners have no time or budget to manage Luckily, multiple new and existing platforms have been coming up with plans and features targeting busy […]

Digital Marketing Technology To Launch Your Brand Into The Future

The beginning of the year marks a spike in interest in digital marketing, trends, and technology associated with it. With the right answers, digital marketers and agile businesses can unleash the potential to turn the year around. All you need to is to ask the right questions and look in the right places for answers. […]

Why PR And Digital Marketing Work Hand In Hand

Jessica is a digital expert and Board Advisor of Valux, LLC, a nationally recognized full-service digital marketing and PR company.  getty Back in the day, public relations could do well without the digital world. Traditionally, most of the brand and company coverage we needed was in print (newspapers, trade magazines) and broadcasted over the radio and […]

Schneider Electric’s digital transformation through centralized search

30-second summary: Digital transformation affords businesses opportunities to make genuine connections with customers through personalized marketing experiences. Digital buyer behavior is changing, with increased consumer expectations for digital-only interactions and reduced tolerance for traditional sales tactics like cold-calling. Paid search is a fast-growing channel that warrants a data-driven approach to strategy and execution. Evan Kent, […]

Australia’s showdown with Google has profound implications for domestic businesses and other digital platforms

Australia’s showdown with Google has profound implications for domestic businesses and other digital platforms Your privacy means the world to us. We share your personal information only when you give us explicit permission to do so, and confirm we have your permission each time. Learn more by viewing our privacy policy.Ok

Global Employers Tap Digital Payroll Tools

Share Tweet Share Share Share Email Companies that are looking to launch offices in more countries and serve customers in new markets need to be able to easily pay staff in those locations. The economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more important that firms deliver payroll quickly, as employees are […]

iMac vs. iMac Pro | Digital Trends

The iMac and iMac Pro are impressive computers that pack everything you need for video editing, web browsing, and more into a clean package. The iMac Pro is clearly the more powerful of the two, but with Apple recently refreshing the higher-end iMacs with newer processors and graphics cards, both machines are once again in […]

Sell Digital Products Online in 4 Easy Steps

By Kelly Forst January 22, 2021 Turn your passion into a paycheck by selling digital products. Plus, get inspired with 12 product ideas to sell online. “To make money, you have to spend money.” It’s such a common phrase in business that I had to Google who originally said this. Turns out, we can trace […]

17 SEO & Digital Marketing Expert Tips from SEJ eSummit 2021

With 2020 firmly in the rearview, digital marketers are now looking to adapt to changed consumer behavior and markets – and to level up their skills for 2021. One of the most useful and prevalent traits in digital marketing is that we tend to be curious. We geek out over new tools. We love to […]

Four expert digital marketing strategies to convert bottom-funnel prospects

30-second summary: To convert bottom-funnel prospects, must combine data-backed remarketing with product experience demonstrations, exclusive offers, and relevant upsell opportunities. The first one determines who you should target while the rest three explain how to target them. Dynamic remarketing on (Facebook and Google) allow you to target prospects who have previously visited your website or […]

How Much Is Left Of A Marketer’s Dollar, After Digital ‘Leakage?’

Augustine Fou Marketers, let’s consider a few things that impact the effectiveness of your digital ad spending.  Humans Block Ads; Bots Don’t  Humans are so annoyed at the volume of ads they are bombarded with every day, they have been taking matters into their own hands, deploying ad blockers or using ad blocking browsers. Bots, […]

iSelect and News Corp enter $4.5m digital marketing partnership

iSelect Limited has entered into an exclusive digital marketing services partnership with News Corp Australia. The two-year agreement, announced to the ASX today, is worth a minimum of $4.5 million and will see News Corp will receive payment for lead generation, content creation and revenue share of converted sales. iSelect CEO Warren Hebard The payment […]

What makes digital marketing a good career choice for 2021?

With all the uncertainty and challenges that 2020 has brought with it, many of us will have naturally and sensibly questioned our next steps and if our future career plans have been impacted by the global pandemic. Many thriving and stable industries a year ago have crashed to a halt this year and face a […]

50 Marketing Stats and Trends To Inform Your 2021 Digital Strategy

@darraghDarragh Grove-White Marketing algorithms and digital strategies professional. In 2020, COVID-19 forced consumers and businesses to adapt to a sped up digital transformation. The businesses able to quickly adapt to changing trends in consumer behaviour will gain the lead in 2021.  As you’ll see, the following 50+ digital marketing statistics and trends will inform and […]

How Natural Language Processing Affects Digital Marketing

“Natural language processing” (NLP) sounds complicated, but its applications are simple. Chances are, you already use NLP dozens or even hundreds of times per day. For example: What exactly is natural language processing? What do you need to know about it? What impact does it have on digital marketing? Let’s find out. What Is Natural […]