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YouTube Holds First-Ever “Small Biz Day” On June 24

YouTube is holding its first-ever “Small Biz Day” on June 24, an all-day event dedicated to helping small businesses use video to reach their audience. The event is being held as part of Google’s International Small Business Week as an initiative to assist business owners with growing their YouTube presence. According to survey data, 72% […]

7 Strategies for Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day means many things to many people. At its heart, it’s a day to commemorate the brave American soldiers who died fighting for this country. For many, the Memorial Day weekend also marks the start of summer and a chance to grab a deal in the annual holiday shopping event. The shopping event is […]

6 Temp Agencies That Pay the Same Day (Stop Waiting for Your Pay!)

When you need to find a job quickly and job hunting on your own just isn’t cutting it, a temp agency can come in handy. Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free? Toluna Opinions: Earn $1-$5 each time you qualify and take surveys. Test products for free and share your opinions! Join Toluna Opinions Now SwagBucks: […]

Valentine’s Day Emails Your Subscribers Will Love

By Kelly Forst January 28, 2021 Make your subscribers feel extra loved this Valentine’s Day. And see unique Valentine’s Day email examples to inspire your own. Valentine’s Day: it’s a time to celebrate romance, togetherness, and self-love.  And you can help make your email subscribers feel extra loved this year. You just need to know […]

100 Million Searches Per Day

DuckDuckGo celebrates a milestone as it reaches 100 million searches in a single day. DuckDuckGo’s public traffic data indicates the record was hit this past Monday, January 11. Including Monday’s milestone number, DuckDuckGo is on track to hit around 90 million daily average searches for the month of January. For comparison, DuckDuckGo averaged around 52 […]

How To Set Up Time Of Day Bid Adjustments

When hoping to optimize a Google Ads account we all face the same question, “what next?”. There are unlimited different tests and ways you can go about optimizing your account to drive better performance of your desired KPIs. One of the changes I immediately test is adjusting ad schedules within Google Ads. First, obviously, you […]

10 Best Ways On How To Make $1 Dollar A Day Online In 2020

Disclosure: We may receive a commission when you click on our links, but this is at no extra cost to you. Read our privacy policy for more information. While it may not sound like much money, making just $1 dollar a day online can help in many ways. One dollar can be used as a […]

Flexible Remote Jobs That Require Only a Few Hours Per Day

Sharing is caring! Most people start their work-at-home journey “on the side.” There’s a good chance you are working a full-time gig and either looking for a little extra cash or looking to start a little something that can grow into and replace your current full-time job somewhere down the road. Thankfully, the online world […]