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How to Create Content If You’re Not a Writer – Smart Passive Income

As an entrepreneur, you need to be a jack of all trades—developing business ideas, marketing, public speaking, mastering finances and cash flow, and much more. But there’s one area that often leaves business owners paralyzed with fear: Writing. How do you create content if you’re not a writer?! As we all know, these days being […]

How to Create Content for Each Stage of Your Sales Funnel

We often see content as a way to bring in traffic at the top of the funnel, but it’s a lot more than that. Content marketing has a big part to play at every step of the sales funnel. Indeed, a SEMrush study found that: 95% of marketers create top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) content 86% create middle-of-the-funnel (MOFU) […]

How to Create a Believable World for Your Fiction Characters

A lot goes into creating a fantasy world — or a world for any story, regardless of genre.  Every world needs its own distinct feel, whether it’s a microcosm of the one we already know, a distant past, a far-out future or a magical alternate world altogether. From Middle-earth, to Tatooine, to the scandalous world […]

How to Create Evergreen Content Right From the Start

Evergreen content engages and educates readers for longer without a huge amount of effort. Once you master the art of writing “timeless” content, you can ensure your articles, e-books, and tutorials stay relevant for years to come.  Below, I’m going to show you exactly why evergreen content should be part of every marketer’s content strategy, […]

How To Create Your First Email Course or Email Challenge

By Kelly Forst March 12, 2021 Grow your email list with easy-to-build automated email courses or email challenges. Learn how to get started now. Has your email list stopped growing? Can’t figure out what’s going on? It’s called the subscriber growth plateau and it happens to the best of us.  Simply saying, “sign up for […]

Video Email Marketing: Your Go-To Guide to Create and Send

By Kelly Forst February 24, 2021 Not a video whiz? You don’t have to be to send videos that create an emotional connection with your subscribers. If you’re not creating video — and promoting video in your email marketing — you’re missing out on some serious audience engagement and revenue growth. People love watching marketing […]

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 5 Simple Steps [Tutorial]

With 2.6 billion people actively using Facebook every day, Facebook has become a go-to component of almost any inbound marketing strategy. But as more and more Facebook features change, so does the process of setting up a Page. Don’t waste another day aimlessly poking around on Facebook trying to figure out how to get your […]

How to Create Real Estate Newsletters That Sell

Whether you’re a new real estate agent or an established realtor with billions of dollars in closed sales, you have something to say. You have news to share. And email might be the best medium you have to share it. That’s considering these stats: Moreover, sending a monthly real estate newsletter helps you keep top […]

Marketers say COVID vaccines create hope for quick return of in-person events

Marketers say COVID vaccines create hope for quick return of in-person events Your privacy means the world to us. We share your personal information only when you give us explicit permission to do so, and confirm we have your permission each time. Learn more by viewing our privacy policy.Ok

How to create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google

30-second summary: A sitemap is one of the technical sides of SEO. A sitemap doesn’t boost your SEO traffic but helps search engines index your web pages faster. It’s very easy to create an XML sitemap and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Once a sitemap is created, you need to submit it to Google. Through […]

How to Create the Perfect Business Listing

Local search visibility helps drive traffic, customers, and revenue. There are several ways you can improve local visibility. The first is to ensure your business listings are included on major listing sites like Google, Yelp, and Yahoo. The Importance of Business Listings How often do you see a business listing pop up on Google with […]

How to Create Landing Pages for a Facebook Ad Campaign

When it comes to marketing and advertising, nothing seems to work better these days than social media. People love social channels, and the latest numbers give solid proof to the concept. There are over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook and most of them spend more hours a day on the platform than on […]

7 Places to Find Online Music Jobs (or to create your own!)

Published April 4, 2020 Disclosure: We may receive compensation if you sign up for or purchase products linked to below. We try our best to provide the most accurate information, but details do change. Please refer to the company website for the most up-to-date information on any lead or recommendation. Sharing is caring! Does music […]

7 Ways to Create Your Own Legitimate Work at Home Job in 2020

Sharing is caring! Many of those looking for a work-at-home job find themselves unsatisfied with the most popular opportunities. In many cases, the income doesn’t meet their wants or needs. In most cases, it isn’t the most fulfilling work – work that offers a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment at the end of the day. […]