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Content Curation for SEO: How To Make It Work

Content curation has the potential to turn your website or brand into an engaging and value-adding entity without the need for directly committing the time and resources towards producing your own texts or multimedia. But how can it be developed for SEO purposes? The act of curating content isn’t too different from that of a curator’s […]

How to Create Evergreen Content Right From the Start

Evergreen content engages and educates readers for longer without a huge amount of effort. Once you master the art of writing “timeless” content, you can ensure your articles, e-books, and tutorials stay relevant for years to come.  Below, I’m going to show you exactly why evergreen content should be part of every marketer’s content strategy, […]

Why Web Accessibility is an Important Ingredient to your Content Curation Strategy

Content curation isn’t merely about plotting out various audiences or researching about your users’ interests. There’s a ton more to content curation. And web accessibility for all users is one of them. That means taking into consideration the 1 out of 6 visitors to your website with disability. Read on to find out why it […]

Make the most out of Scoop.it content distribution to engage your audience

Think about this: 50% of all content goes completely unused, and only 22% of pages that are currently in the top 10 results on search were created within one year. Creating new content is a huge bet, and curated content helps, but only if you put in the effort to distribute it. If you want to make […]

5 Effective Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

With more than 400 million active websites (and counting), delivering the bare minimum information on a plain webpage isn’t sufficient anymore. You need a thoughtful content marketing strategy to stand a chance in today’s competitive scenario. Such strategies become more critical for SMBs and startups because they’re competing against global leaders in the digital world. In fact, as […]

Facebook Adds 3 New Ways to Make Money With Video Content

Updates to Eligibility Requirements In-Stream Ad Eligibility Earn Money From More Types of Videos Live Stream Ad Eligibility Earn Money Directly From Viewers Facebook is launching three updates aimed at helping creators of video content make more money. The latest changes to Facebook’s video monetization options include: Earning revenue from short-form video. Expanding eligibility to […]

How to optimize your content publication process in Scoop.it

To build a powerful content engine, you need to use content hubs as the backbone of your system. They help you sort and organize each piece of owned or third-party content and find it exactly when you need it, both for your internal and external audiences. We’ve covered exactly how you can do this in […]

Customer Personas Can Transform SEO, PPC and Content Marketing

Best Practices in Building User & Buyer Personas Revisiting Customer/Buyer Personas New Approaches to Creating Marketing & Customer Personas Can Customer Personas Transform SEO, PPC & Content Marketing? They’ve been called user, buyer, marketing, and customer personas. Whatever you call them, new approaches to creating these fictional characters can transform SEO, PPC, and content marketing. […]

How to engage your audience with a content hub

In 2021, what you do online defines how people perceive your business. This is good news: it means you have plenty of control over your reputation and your brand image. The bad news? To gain this control, you need to get intentional about the content you publish and curate. This includes both the content you […]

A Step-By-Step Guide to Winning at Product-Led Content Marketing

Understanding Product-Led Growth Enticing Product-Led Content Marketing Examples Product-Led Content Marketing Step-By-Step Summary We all have them: These SEO articles that bring in a majority of our traffic but never convert. SEO professionals joke about Hubspot’s articles, like the one about the shrug emoji. Or how about the one about writing a resignation letter? While […]

20 Social Media Content Ideas for Brands

If you are running a profitable business in the twenty-first century, you probably have a social media presence. Yes, opening a social media account is pretty easy — but the account won’t manage itself. You’ve got to put out content every single day. And that’s where social media content ideas come in handy You’ve probably […]

6 Tips for Curating Content to Build Social Media Exposure

In a marketplace that’s become increasingly digital in the wake of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever that businesses look to optimize their content for audiences on social media. Social distancing measures and the rise of working from home has led to a 72% rise in the consumption of social media. However, while some businesses have […]

What Is Content Writing? Plus 12 Tips to Take Your Content to the Next Level

When you search for “content writers” on LinkedIn, you’re bound to come across an incredibly diverse range of professionals. For instance, you’ll see some content writers create social media copy for small businesses, while others write press materials for insurance brands. You’ll also find that some content writers write long-form editorial content for glamorous magazines, […]

Types of Content Each Member of Your Sales Team Should Be Curating

Two-thirds of B2B buyers respond to salespeople who reach out to them with relevant insights and opportunities. So how do you find those insights and opportunities? Some will come from your own content assets, and others will come from relevant third-party sources. For salespeople, content curation is all about using those various assets to reach […]

How These 5 Brands Use Educational Content to Engage Customers

70% of customers learn about a brand through their content instead of ads. What’s more, 60% of customers are more positive about a brand after they consume content from that brand. These statistics show that educational content is a big part of user experience that introduces customers to a brand, products, and services. Content marketing strategies that […]

How to Use Rich Media in Emails to Support the Content

  When it comes to email marketing, using images is of paramount importance. Of course, you can curate the perfect content for your subscribers with the help of tools such as Scoop.it, but what if the visuals fail to leave an impact on their minds? That’s where rich media comes into the picture. Most marketers are […]