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Segmenting & Theming in Link Building Outreach

Segmenting & Theming Your Outreach Segmenting Example How to Find Prospects Takeaway The last time I talked about outreach, I had a chicken on my head. I’m not kidding, look: It wasn’t because I felt an irresistible longing for the cozy warmth of poultry coverage, but to bring home my main point: Outreach, it’s how […]

Building a New Employee Onboarding Process with For Making Money

Onboarding new employees could be tricky. Teaching people the essentials requires you to convey a relatively fixed set of information. So why not make your life easier while you’re at it? Read on, and we’ll explain how we did it at For Making Money. We’ll kick off by showing you the challenges we faced with […]

Crowd marketing: A link building method that only 2% use to rank higher on Google

30-second summary: Link building still plays a prominent role in SERP ranking, even in 2020. Crowd marketing is a technique that is based on building backlinks on forums and communities. Most people don’t use it, and you can take advantage of that. Crowd marketing: What’s that? Crowd marketing is one of those often neglected link […]