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How to Use JavaScript to Automate SEO (With Scripts)

Programming and automation are increasingly popular topics in the SEO industry, and rightfully so. Leveraging new ways to extract, transform, and analyze data at scale with minimal human input can be incredibly useful. Although speed is important, one of the main benefits of using automation is that it takes the weight off our shoulders from […]

Automate Sales and Marketing Processes with Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Aligning sales and marketing to work seamlessly together is still the holy grail for many B2B businesses. And it comes with its own sets of challenges. Research shows that 43% of people working in sales and marketing lack accurate, shared data on accounts and prospects, while 37% see sales and marketing processes as broken or flawed. These are quite considerable percentages.   Businesses often don’t segment their audiences (or don’t do it accurately enough), which means marketers can’t […]