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Podcasts-to-Films & Other Podcasting News and Recs – Smart Passive Income

By Sara Jane Hess and David Grabowski What’s up, podcasters? It’s SJ and David again with more podcasting news and updates! This is an excellent way to check out some shows we’ve been digging, as well as catch up on pertinent industry news. You can probably guess what the latter is going to be, especially […]

Practical Tips That’ll Improve Your Chances of Getting a Home Loan

Purchasing a home is a huge financial investment that you’re likely to make in your lifetime. To make this dream come true, you may need a home loan, especially if your savings aren’t enough.  Getting mortgages can be quite tricky and there are no guarantees that you’ll get the exact amount you need. However, if […]

The 5 Types of Online Community Members – Smart Passive Income

Nurturing an online community takes patience and dedication. But if you spend too much time focused on launching new programs for your members rather than engaging with your members, you may find your community is less than thriving. Relationship development is one of the best ways to spend your time in your community. The thing […]

How to Create Content If You’re Not a Writer – Smart Passive Income

As an entrepreneur, you need to be a jack of all trades—developing business ideas, marketing, public speaking, mastering finances and cash flow, and much more. But there’s one area that often leaves business owners paralyzed with fear: Writing. How do you create content if you’re not a writer?! As we all know, these days being […]

5 Benefits Of Having An Extended Car Warranty

An illustration of a red Extended Warranty label isolated on a white background Most car manufacturer warranties only remain valid for a few years right after buying the vehicle. And because it doesn’t last a lifetime, you’ll have to pay out of your pocket to correct any issue arising after its expiry, that’s why having […]

What is Arbitration in Law: Its Procedure & Significance

If you are searching for an explanation of the arbitration procedure, this article will help you get to know what is arbitration in law. Two well-reputed building companies, say A and B have a dispute over a piece of land, A claims it to be their property, and B claims it to be their property. […]

5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Professional Website

For the past few years, marketing techniques have significantly changed. The efficiency of the business strategies that an entrepreneur uses to attract prospect customers is what matters. Regarding to the increased number of people online currently, more businesses are trying all what they can to have a share of the increased online client base. Whether […]

The Most Important Metric for Your Membership Community – Smart Passive Income

Is your membership community doing well? How do you know? The not so simple answer is “metrics.” The not so simple part is because there are an infinite number of data points that you can analyze. Sound overwhelming? Fret not. In my previous post I shared five tips to avoid ruining your membership community, and […]

4 Great Factors to Consider Before Applying For a Loan

There are times you may need to supplement your income with a loan. You may budget and plan, sometimes emergencies crop up, forcing you to borrow finances from somewhere for your projects. It may be challenging to find a trusted lender; hence you need to think hard before agreeing with the lender. Below are the […]

A Podcast about Failure – Smart Passive Income

Have you ever failed at something? For a while in late 2020, we were failing pretty hard at developing a new podcast. Last fall, the SPI Media Content team (yours truly and senior content manager Karen Beattie) and Podcasts team (senior producer Sara Jane Hess and producer David Grabowski) put our heads together to brainstorm […]

What To Do & Where To Stay In QLD

Trying to determine what your next vacation destination is going to be can be quite tricky, especially if you are an adventurous person who loves frequently visiting new and exotic places that have to offer exactly what you need. Here’s the good part, though. Our planet really has some amazing places, meaning that you will […]

Running Your Own Art Gallery Business Online

Before the advent of the internet, the only way for artists to sell their artwork was through their artwork’s physical sales through galleries. This of course, required the artists themselves to get in touch with the publishers and the owners of the spaces in order to host and promote their works, placing them in the […]

The First Steps in Starting your Own Business In Cyprus

It is true that with the current economic conditions prevailing in several European countries (tax instability, high taxation, bureaucracy, difficult access to capital, etc.), more and more new companies are looking for solutions in order to survive in this demanding economic environment. . The country of Cyprus, which managed to overcome the economic reefs of […]

How to make money online working from home in 2021

Nowadays, there are several ways to make money from home. From participating in surveys or selling things on websites like eBay to rating paid websites and apps. Today, however, we will not talk about any of the above methods that simply serve to increase income temporarily. Instead, we will give you ideas for work from […]

How to Make Better Decisions When You Call the Shots – Smart Passive Income

A former president of the United States once famously described himself as the “Decider in Chief.” On one level, that’s comical. On another level, it’s instructive, and succinctly so. The person who possesses the most decision-making power is the person who will be judged for the success or failure of those decisions. End of story. […]